About Us

Health Savings Accounts

At HSA Colorado, in association with Insurance Advisors, we are independent agents constantly monitoring the insurance industry for trends and products that best suit our clients. While no one product will fit the needs of everyone, we feel Health Savings Accounts will help many Americans regain control of escalating healthcare costs and return medical decisions to the consumer and their doctor. Our independent status allows us to provide our clients with services from multiple companies and therefore find the plan which best fits your needs.

With our commitment to service we help you to establish a qualified High Deductible plan and then give you options for your HSA Administrator – from a no-frills, no cost provider, to providers that offer a medical debit card, check writing privileges and access to thousands of mutual funds. We are committed to serving you and providing you with the answers.

Disclaimer: All applications are subject to underwriting and rates vary by age, tobacco status, health condition and county of residence.